Monday, November 07, 2005

Router brute force authentication program

I've written a perl script to perform a brute force login to network devices. It is mainly designed for use with Cisco routers, but works with other devices as well.

I wrote it because I had a very difficult time getting Hydra to work at performing brute force attacks on Cisco routers. My program differs from other brute force login programs by checking for a failed login, rather than a successful one. I found that many times a successful login did not produce a prompt having the magic characters brute force programs look for (such as >, #, etc.). This program assumes that any text that does not match a specified failure message is good. Just unzip, untar, and use the -h option to find out how it works.

You can download a tarball of this script from:

Just type ./brute-routers -h for the help text.


Blogger Basiballi said...

Hey this blog is not about voip

I have been doing hours of research on "voiceoverIP" and it brought me to your blog on Router brute force authentication program. Anyways, V. LeVeque I was reading your blog and I think it is really cool. It’s really a pleasure reading your posts! Keep up the great work.

Keep blogging away :-)

7:41 PM

Blogger Treasure-Hunter said...

Link is broken...

7:35 PM

Blogger alvaro said...

Broken link man

Be good

9:30 PM


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